What Makes Me Different?

As a vocalist I’m sure this question rears its head a few times a year; maybe even more for some people. I think this is a very good sign though. We are all creative beings. Creativity thrives in the most unique ways and atmospheres, and often catapults us into uncharted territories. That’s where YOUR difference lies.  In a world of 7 billion people you’ll never find two individuals who are 100% alike; not in thought processes, emotional make up, and even singing. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. So, when you think of that, why would anyone want to imitate when they can authentically create?


Being unique is not only a gift, but also a great way to add color to this world of music. If everyone had the same sound, the same groove, and the same style, we’d have a seriously boring musical experience. We’d tire quickly and quite frankly, we’d probably give up music altogether. Music is designed to be fun! It’s designed to challenge us. It makes us feel good, cry, laugh, dance, relax, and the list goes on and on!! It touches us all in a way that not even language barriers can prevent the emotional messages from cutting through.


Think about that question again…what makes me different? I bet I could help you to have a different perspective on the answer. I think that vocal tone, range, quality, style, etc., ALL play a major part in what makes YOU different. As a vocalist your influences play a major role in that as well. What types of music do you listen to? Are you a songwriter? What types of music make you feel good?  These questions will help you on your journey of discovery.


It’s always great to pull from music that is already known and to study other artists, but don’t get lost in their sound. Learn from them and develop your own sound. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Study all types of genres of music. The best thing that you can do for your sound is to allow it to grow freely. Open up your ear to new things and different genres, and be open to where this takes you. Embrace your difference. Be uniquely YOU.

Posted on March 17, 2016 .