Where Do You Fit In?

Here at Fruition Organized Music we offer a variety of services. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced singer our prestigious vocal coaches will tailor make each lesson to meet you where you are!! If you do not live in our area, Skype lessons are offered as well!

Personal Vocal Sessions

Vocalists are invited to meet with the coach in a private setting (either in person or via Skype) for training. During this consultation, singers will be asked to sing a song selection of their choice.  A basic, individual assessment of range, pitch, note recognition and breathing will be applied. At the conclusion of this session, recommendations for improvement will be assigned. 


Group Vocal Sessions

In this setting, multiple singers are trained to achieve the best combined sound possible in ensembles, choirs or vocal bands of all genres. During this consultation, the coach will help singers focus on the quality of vocal blending, collective tone, diction and maintaining parts. At the conclusion of this session, recommendations for combined improvement will be rendered. 


Vocal Production 

During this onsite studio consultation, vocal assistance will be provided through warm-ups, technical guidance, arranging, directing and compiling vocals. Additionally, recommendations regarding the best vocal takes to be used on a recording will be presented.  


Clinics and Workshops

Vocalists are provided informative training, counsel and literature to assist them in achieving their goals as a singer in various genres and capacities. Vocal tutorials may be rendered as well as relevant oral presentations that help to equip vocalists to better understand the art of singing (as applied to their specific audience).