Your Creative Flavor

As creative minds I believe there is one very important question that we MUST ask ourselves: “Where do I fit in?” –Ametria Dock


There is room for all creativity. Whether you are a vocalist, a painter, a dancer, or a writer, you have a place in the creative world. Your individuality makes for a very open and expressive art form; whatever that may look like for you. The trouble that I see on a daily basis is misplaced creativity within art forms. Let me explain what I mean by “misplaced creativity.” 


Too often I come across creative minds that don’t quite know or even understand where they fit in. They may be really good at a lot of things and may even say that they “like to do” a lot of things. But is it enough to “like to do” a lot of things? I’m reminded of this common figure of speech, “jack of all trades, master of none.” We spend a lot of our time and energy on “many things” rather than finding out our strengths and maximizing on those things.


I do realize that this may present itself as a hard or impossible feat. We feel like in order to be successful we have to be able to do and be good at a lot of things. So, with that being said, we find ourselves exerting our creative juices into lanes that we don’t belong in. We may find really good painters trying to be vocalists, or really good vocalists trying to be actors. Now I’m not saying that you can’t be both things. What I’m saying is, figure out what your best creative qualities are and dive full force into them.


When you are operating in your creative strengths you flow much more freely. Time seems to pass by quickly when you are doing what creatively comes natural to you. When you’re doing what creatively makes sense to you, you experience a freedom that is unmatched, and when you are creatively free, you can be uniquely you and be ok with that. When you are free in your creativity, comparison is no longer the thief of your joy. You can just be…


So again, I want you to ask yourself this question: “Where do I fit in?” Your answer should be, “I fit in with my own creative flavor.”



Posted on August 7, 2015 .